The Tributes to the Trails Calendar Project is currently on hold.

The History

Created by Glenn Tachiyama and Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs the project raised over $250,000 for the WTA over the last fifteen years. After a brief hiatus in 2020, Mathias Eichler and his team took on the project. We’re full of ideas and are excited to bring the calendar back for the coming year 2021. 

About the Washington Trails Association

The Washington Trails Association (WTA) mobilizes hikers and everyone who loves the outdoors to explore, steward and champion trails and public lands.

About Singletrack

Singletrack is the podcast for people who run trails and have mountains on their mind. Hosted by  Mathias Eichler, published almost weekly.

About Einmaleins

Einmaleins is a design shop in Olympia, Washington. For over 20 years owner Mathias Eichler helps companies develop road maps and finds ways to give people their voice in the cluttered and noisy world. Originally from Germany he bring a unique global perspective to brand building, design and marketing. With over two decades of experience consulting and designing solutions that help great businesses establish their brand, position their companies and launch their products. At Einmaleins we design logos and brand identities, develop websites, create pitch decks and print materials. We love when we are brought into the conversation early and can steer the direction of the project, but we are equally happy to offer last minute help to push a project over the finish line.